Hi there! Welcome to Suvita Yoga & Wellness – my ever-evolving project, designed to help you achieve your maximum potential, prosperity and wellbeing!

My name is Ivana and I am an international Yoga Teacher and Progressive Constellations & Wellness Consultant with over twenty years of experience in leading classes, workshops, courses and consulting in the field of Yoga, Dance, Self-Development and Healthy Living.

On both a professional and personal level, I am continuously looking for and doing research on what contributes to our sustainable state of contentment, success and good health.

What is Suvita Yoga & Wellness?

First of all, the name “Suvita” in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, means “prosperity and happiness”, which is exactly what I want to help you achieve, through a variety of yogic and systemic tools which I have learned and applied in my life and on my clients.

I deeply believe that within you there is an infinite force which can empower you to achieve your dreams, live in abundance and thrive on well-being – stimulated by physical movement, healing trauma on a subconscious level, a meditative state, conscious breathing, unconditional acceptance of what is and gratitude.

At times however, it’s quite common to feel stuck and powerless on mental, emotional and/ or physical level. Low self-esteem, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, disease, social or family pressure and ancestral burden are only some of the factors that can hinder your sense of happiness, prosperity and wellbeing. I have been there myself many times until I found a more effective and fulfilling way to live my life.

Therefore, I would like to share with you some amazing self-development tools that can help you evolve, heal and prosper on all levels.

Through my ONLINE PROGRESSIVE CONSTELLATIONS SESSIONS we will work on a physical, mental and emotional level applying the principles of Yoga, Progressive Constellations and Wellness.

What exactly are Progressive Constellations?

Progressive Constellations Consulting is a powerful method of healing, empowerment and self-development that uses your internal beliefs, personal and family history to go forward, free yourself from the old patterns and take concrete actions to change your reality.

What can you achieve with Progressive Constellations?

Through Progressive Constellations you can become aware of the internalized perception of your family system that shapes your attitudes, thoughts and feelings about life and relationships. Once you become aware of your internal dynamics, you can take conscious actions to resolve your conflicts and progress towards achieving your life goals. In this process, you will discover your weaknesses, shadows and strengths and the key points in your body for transcending trauma, negative emotions and thoughts.

Who are Progressive Constellations intended for?

This multifaceted self-development method is for every person who decides to: take control and responsibility for their life, liberate themselves from destructive inner beliefs and patterns as well as work proactively towards fulfilling their dreams and goals in accordance with their life’s purpose.

How many sessions of Progressive Constellations is recommended?

For best results I recommend a minimum of 3 – 5 sessions given that in Progressive Constellations we work in various stages and aspects.

If the above resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you!